Thursday, July 02, 2009

Estimation and deliberate discovery

Excellent blog post (as usual) from Dan North. Release level estimation this time. Well worth a read. The perils of estimation -Dan North

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sync files over the network/internet using P2P

Today I was reminded how efficient, simple and non-intrusive it is, I haven’t thought about it much at all since I started using it. It just works, the signature of a nice piece of software. For Windows and Mac Live Sync is just that. P2P file sync for your personal needs. If you have more than one computer, and ever have the need to just simply have access to the same files or simple programs, I highly recommend that you try it out if you haven’t already.

Currently these are my private sync shares (yes you can share with others too, with different levels of access):

  • Tools –All computers, including work computers, participate in synchronizing this share. Programs like: process explorer, cpu-z, notepad2, winmerge, putty etc
  • Documents –My personal computers share this.
  • Backgrounds –Background pictures I like and encounter. If I find a new one somewhere I just add it to this folder and it is automagically sync:ed to all others. On some computers they are used as screen savers as well (windows built-in photo album screen saver). Computers with Windows 7 switch between these backgrounds automatically.
  • Transfer –To be able to simply transfer files between computers. Just drop files in this local folder and they appear on the other computers. Regardless of firewalls etc.
  • Favorites – Bookmarks for your selection of browser. Just share the folder where your browser keeps your bookmarks. Then without any hassle or logins somewhere you always have all your favorites/bookmarks right where you want them, in your browser as normal, on all your computers.

Does anyone have any other neat ideas of what you can share like this? Music I don’t really need to share or even download as Spotify has taken care of all that in a great way, and it is legal too.