Monday, December 22, 2008

Lägenhet till salu

(Swedish only, putting up my apartment for sale)

Så var det dags att sälja lägenheten, en fin 2:a i Mölndal/Göteborg på 65kvm, låg avgift, 100mbit/s bredband. Känner du någon som är intresserad, tveka inte! Visningar i januari.

Länk till mer om lägenheten

Update: Sold!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

JavaFX vs Silverlight vs Javascript vs Flash vs Java

JavaFX 1.0 final has been released. Go check out some samples at A quick performance test reveals that JavaFX is able to reach really good performance, which I was afraid it wouldn’t even though it is using the best performing VM there is underneath.

Now if they only could get rid of that java tray icon by default too…

A simple performance test was created some time ago for Flash and Silverlight, also available as an JavaFX version. Here are some performance numbers from my laptop when increasing the input number by a factor 10:

Technology Time
JavaFX 1.0 3.963s
Silverlight 2 C# 4.257s
Flash 10 27.840s
Javascript, Internet Explorer 7 ~20times slower than Chrome *
Javascript, Chrome 22.989s
Java 6 3.948s
Java 6, interpreted 22.973s

Result above are the best out of 4-5 runs.

* = IE7 complains about slow running script. Using the default input number it takes just over 20s. Chrome does that in around 1s and JavaFX and Silverlight under 0.2s.

I think someone put it well when he/she said something along the lines of: Adobe people will continue to use flash/flex/air and dot-netters will use silverlight, but now the java-crowd has a choice that integrates better than everything else into their own environments. As java is the most widely used/popular programming platform that alone helps assure some amount of success… maybe.

JavaFX really requires the latest and greatest java version, update 10 (update 11 is also available now by the way) and with that I see JavaFX’s greatest advantage: It integrates fully with the normal java environment and provides true seamless web and desktop integration for both users AND developers. Server/Enterprise (and soon mobile) integration is also nice for the developers.

Goodbye ajax. JavaFX, Silverlight and Flash just does it better and easier… Why restrict applications to html and a browser?! ;-)

Update June 2009: JavaFX 1.2 has some great performance improvements (graphics/scene graph related I guess). See this for an example of a 3x speed up in performance:

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tools I use

Another updated round of some of my favorite free general software/tools I use currently. This is what I’ve found to be the best in each category currently and I prefer simple non-bloated efficient software of course.

Maybe you are looking for better alternatives, you’ve just reinstalled your system, or you may even find a tool you didn’t know existed or needed.

In no special order:


Free and great de/compression tool for many formats.


Anti-virus software, on-demand and scheduling only.
CoreTemp Accurate and small CPU temperature monitoring tool.
CPU-Z CPU, memory module etc information tool
Daemon Tools Use a CD/DVD-image file as a real CD/DVD-drive. Be careful what you choose during the installation.
FolderShare Easily and efficiently keep the same files, documents, bookmarks/favorites spreadsheets, tools, etc synced and updated between multiple computers over the network or internet. Highly recommended
Google SketchUp Great sketching tool for 3D, easy and nice concept. Quickly produce nice 3D sketches.
GPU-Z GPU frequency, memory, temperature, information tool
IE7pro Great addon that makes Internet Explorer a much better experience
MPC HC Mediaplayer to complement the built in WMP
Notepad2 Notepad replacement, still quick and easy but a lot more powerful.
Paint.NET Free image and photo editing software, it isn’t Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro but it is free and rather nice.
Putty Ssh/telnet/serial terminal program
ImgBurn CD & DVD burner software
WinMerge The best diff-tool, shows differences between contents of files and even directory structures in a clear manner.
WinScp Transfer files through scp, sftp and ftp.
Vista Codec Pack Active and non-bloated codec pack that makes everything work, all you need but nothing more. Works for WinXP too. Perfect substitution for tweaking together it all on your own.
Live Messenger IM-client. Yup you will need it, eventually you need to easily use remote assistance through it, the 100% compatibility, etc. Though the message size limit… argh!
Gmail Notifier Small simple email notifier in your tray area for gmail.
All CPU meter Vista gadget for CPU and memory info. Works with both dual and quad core.
ProcessExplorer Sysinternal/MS software for a lot more process information than the task manager offers.
ProcessMonitor Details about file I/O and registry operations for your processes.
ZoomIt Nice simple screen zoom and overlay drawing tool, perfect for presentations!
Google Chrome Fast, screen space and usage efficient web browser.
µTorrent Small and great Torrent download software
CCleaner Removes unused and temp files, registry cleaner etc. Fast!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So I can program, I'm a programmer, now what?

Good question. A friend, Niclas L, sent me this link today about Fatherly Advice To New Programmers. Nice short read. Sort of the next logical step after getting to know a programming language or two to get you on the right track to become a great programmer, not just a programmer.

We could all add lots of things to that list of course, maybe even very specific things, learn that and that concept, but why limit it to that? Just learn and discover in general and do it a lot.
Well I could add one more though, always be skeptical about advice, especially online, especially if it is said to be the greatest advice ever. Reflect on things/advice/ideas more, what is your own experience? What does your own expereince come from, maybe it is a limited view of the world? What are the shortcomings of that concept/idea/framework/etc?

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Unchangeable Rules of Software Change

A collegue, Jon-Erling sent me this gem:

The Unchangeable Rules of Software Change

Change is Inevitable!
Embrace change to control change.
etc and well worded.

But you got to love this quote:
There is a very fancy technical term that biologists use to describe completely stable systems. This highly sophisticated technical term is the word "DEAD!"