Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So I can program, I'm a programmer, now what?

Good question. A friend, Niclas L, sent me this link today about Fatherly Advice To New Programmers. Nice short read. Sort of the next logical step after getting to know a programming language or two to get you on the right track to become a great programmer, not just a programmer.

We could all add lots of things to that list of course, maybe even very specific things, learn that and that concept, but why limit it to that? Just learn and discover in general and do it a lot.
Well I could add one more though, always be skeptical about advice, especially online, especially if it is said to be the greatest advice ever. Reflect on things/advice/ideas more, what is your own experience? What does your own expereince come from, maybe it is a limited view of the world? What are the shortcomings of that concept/idea/framework/etc?