Sunday, October 29, 2006

From Portland to Tampa

The flight out from Salt Lake City was of course delayed so it didn't leave until about 1.30am instead of 11.45pm. As I had a 4h wait coming up in Atlanta it didn't matter much, other than that people, including me, were really tired. When everyone finally gotten on the plane the captain informed us of a sensor error on the door. An engineer finally signed off on the door working correctly despite the sensor reading telling the pilots that the door was not closed. He checked from the inside too and went out another door. Well he wasn't going to be on the plane anyway so it was safe for him to do so I guess...

The Salt Lake City airport was not as generous as Portland and did not provide free wifi access. On the other hand their checks to enforce this left some possibilities. I could eventually get ping, ICQ, SSH(!), Skype and google talk (Jabber) to function perfectly. I could also read web email and do other limited web surfing. Seems they only block certain ports like port 80. Port 443 worked fine for example, making everything https working and quite a few web sites have an https option, like google personalized (, and gmail. Having SSH functioning basically meant that anything could be done, but I didn't bother.

Ah well, I'm at last at my destination, but dead tired, got maybe 30min of sleep this night.