Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's not all work...

Now that I'm over here (the American side of the pond called the Atlantic) attending the conference I'll take advantage of this and have one week of vacation here. "While I'm over there I can as well" visit my uncle, his wife and my newborn (April -06) cousin! They live in Florida though so not exactly close to Portland, Oregon, quite the opposite actually. About as far from each other as it can get but still be part of the mainland US (south east and north west corner respectively).

That will be great, and I'm really looking forward to it. As it happens, by pure coincidence (they had planned this long before this conference was planned for me) my father and mother will be in Florida as well, arriving the day before and leaving just a few days after me. Apart from having a great time with my relatives in a very relaxed environment with no work, I and my parents will go visit the Kennedy Space center. A childhood dream of mine :-) Another good thing with them coming over is that they can bring my camera which I forgot to pack...

Speaking of camera, I can still use the basic camera in my mobile phone to take some pictures, but I'm unable to use it for making phone calls... I sort of thought that was the primary purpose. Others here with the same phone provider (Tele2 Comviq) have no problems and the customer service back in Sweden didn't know what the problem could be, everything seemed fine to them, but would check tomorrow when the tech guys were back. Then what? Will they call me...?

We are still awake (it's soon 5 in the afternoon local time Saturday, but 2 in the morning Sunday in Sweden). I think we managed to stay up long enough (around 8 in the evening) yesterday to have compensated for most of the jet lag! We are to meet up with some other people at 6 for dinner and tomorrow, Sunday, the actual conference starts!

Oh almost forgot, as it happens it seems Portland is having a fashion week here at the same time. Maybe that will compensate for all geeks here for the software conference :)