Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Phone problems continued

Phone problems
Today I again spoke (twice) with the customer service for my mobile phone service provider, Tele2, back in Sweden. The short story is that it is still a mystery to them and they figure it is my SIM-card that is broken. That in a way that only makes the roaming with mobile phone service providers in the US not work. Sounds strange to me. To top it off, not having a working mobile phone service, they told me that of course this means all calls are forwarded to my voice mail and as I successfully roamed in in Germany on my way here that I will pay that call forwarding cost... Great news, so I'm not only without my paid for service I will have increased costs due to it too.

Technical details of phone problems:
  • My phone, Motorola V3 Razr is unable to make use of any of the GSM networks here ("emergency calls only")
  • It can list networks fine but nothing happens if I manually try to register with them
  • The two networks it can find, T-Mobile and Cingular, both have roaming agreements with my phone service provider Tele2.
  • The Motorola V3 Razr is a quad band phone able to use both the 1900 and 850 GSM bands over here in the States.
  • Using my colleague's SIM card in my phone works perfectly (also Tele2).
  • Putting my SIM card in my colleague's phone produces the same result as on my phone (emergency calls only)
  • I've successfully roamed in to various operator networks with this particular phone and SIM-card, most recently in Germany at the airport there on my way over here.
  • I've never been in the US with this phone and SIM-card before.
Note to self: If they ask you if you have a tri-band phone (for the 5th time) able to use the US networks, just say yes, don't say that you actually have a quad-band phone. That's apparently confusing and causes them to look up the phone details, every time.