Friday, October 27, 2006

So it had gone too well so far...

Of course, all my luggage got here, flights worked, tutorials went fine, haven't lost anything, laptop still working, etc. Arriving at the airport today though I was told that my flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. My new flight schedule involves Portland, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and then finally Tampa. So an additional flight and most importantly I'll fly during the night, arriving the following day instead of the planned arrival time this Friday evening.

Considering I slept for just 5h this night I'll probably have no problem sleeping though (got to see it the positive way). But after hours on an airplane in the middle of the night followed by a 4h wait in Atlanta will be... interesting. Anders's flight is not leaving until just before 5pm and mine a little bit after 6pm so at least I got some unexpected company here at the airport. It is a nice airport here in Portland but after 8hours here it will almost feel like home I guess. The good thing is that they have free wifi all over the place :) .

These things happen so it is no big deal. The annoying thing this time is the combination with my phone problems made it harder to update people on the flight changes. That was solved by IM-chatting with my brother who happened to be online back in Sweden and he could get hold of my father in Florida to update him on the flight changes so they can fetch me at the airport tomorrow morning instead of this evening. Such nice service. Vacation has begun!